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Jan 21, 2020

EP 39- A conversation about working in this amazing industry.

This industry is actively recruiting for talent but insurance isn’t a profession that many people think about when they are in high school or college. Many people enter this industry by chance or because their parents were in the business. Once they dive...

Jan 2, 2020

EP - 38 In this episode, you’ll learn about a few the hosts favorite podcasts of 2019 and the value they can bring to you as an insurance agent. 



BRIAN BUFFINI - I’ve been a fan of Buffini for a long time. It’s the one podcast I look forward to every week...It plays every...

Dec 14, 2019

EP - 37  Ideas to consider as you plan for next year and information for whenever you feel you need to make some changes. 

While most people do the goal setting at the end or beginning of the year, it can be done at any time.

Don’t just look at your sales goals, look at your productivity goals, your team goals...

Nov 30, 2019

EP - 36  What happens when your life is turned upside down because you have to care for a family member? 

In this episode, our host, Debbie DeChambeau, talks about the challenges and joys of caregiving and how it can impact a professional life. She provides ideas for talking to your clients and prospects about taking...

Sep 10, 2019


EP 35 - In this episode of The Business of Insurance Podcast, Debbie DeChambeau discusses concepts that agency principals and marketing professionals need to consider around the content being created.

With marketing platforms changing faster than most people can keep up with, it is often...