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May 11, 2020


If you are an agency owner, a sales professional or doing the marketing for your agency or company, this episode and the next few are intended to help you retain your current business and continue to add more clients during these challenging times and beyond.

When this podcast first launched, we had a FB group but wasn’t promoted much.  

Well with the coronavirus, it’s time to get it rolling again and you are the one that will benefit. It’s a way of giving back. Especially during these difficult times. Here’s the plan:

First, it’s not a sales pitch. We aren’t creating programs to sell. We don’t want to do the marketing for you. There’s enough people doing that and we can introduce them at some point. 

The goal is to share our knowledge and help you be more successful.

So head over to facebook, look for The Business of insurance group on FB and apply. 

Why should you join the group?

The conversation will focus on marketing.

We’ll have guests to answer your questions. 

It’s a work in progress.

It’s for insurance professionals only, other than the marketing professionals that I invite. You can be an agency owner, a marketer or in sales. I don’t care if you are on the carrier side either. We will do a reference check so if your profile doesn’t say anything about your insurance career, you probably won’t be admitted! (that’s a basic marketing tip)

It will be positive group and focused on marketing. If anyone enters the group to sell you something, or recruit you for something, they will be  removed.

Log into FB, search for the Business of Insurance group and click to join the group. (like the business of insurance page while you are at it)






This episode of the Business of Insurance podcast is produced and hosted by Debbie DeChambeau, CIC, AAI, CPIA - an entrepreneurer, business advisor, insurance professional  and content creator. Her goal is to inspire you to think differently and explore ideas that disrupt the status quo. 

Debbie has an extensive business and marketing background with a focus of helping insurance professionals be more successful. 

She is the co-author of Renewable Referrals and produces three other podcasts, Business In Real Life and Divorce Exposed and Seniors We Love. 

 Connect with Debbie on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.