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Nov 30, 2019

EP - 36  What happens when your life is turned upside down because you have to care for a family member? 

In this episode, our host, Debbie DeChambeau, talks about the challenges and joys of caregiving and how it can impact a professional life. She provides ideas for talking to your clients and prospects about taking steps to prepare for the difficult times. This isn’t an episode on financial planning,  just thinking bigger. You’ll find ideas for helping your clients and having an advisor mindset, not just selling the product they want to buy. 

As insurance agents, you know a lot. The longer you are in the business, the more you learn. It’s an industry that is not stagnant and with new technology new exposures arise. Insurance companies develop products to protect these exposures, and the products evolve over time. It’s an industry that keeps you on your toes because of all of the changes. 

The core theme of this episode is that you know more than your clients and it’s important that you share your wisdom as much as you can to offer strategies and ideas to help them make educated decisions. 

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