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May 28, 2018

In this episode of the Business of Insurance podcast, we talk with Billy Simons who is the President / CEO of Rust Insurance Agency, LLC in Washington DC. While Billy didn’t think he’d be working for his father's insurance agency, when his media career wasn’t allowing for the family life he was seeking, he explored insurance as a possible opportunity.  

Like many who enter the agency world, it’s great on the job training and fortunately there are plenty of resources for the new producer.


  • What did you do to get where you are today?
  • What do you like about what you are doing?  
  • What do you think it would take for others to be successful doing what you are doing?
  • What kind of sales training or what does your sales process look like?  What types of challenges do you have in attracting new clients?
  • How did you end up in this profession?


  • How you can have an unlimited income in this profession
  • The similarities of insurance and law  
  • Why you’ll never be bored in this industry
  • If you have like dealing with people and are outgoing, consider being an insurance producer (sales person)


Billy Simons is the President / CEO of Rust Insurance. In addition to his website, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.