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Jan 21, 2020

EP 39- A conversation about working in this amazing industry.

This industry is actively recruiting for talent but insurance isn’t a profession that many people think about when they are in high school or college. Many people enter this industry by chance or because their parents were in the business. Once they dive in, most people love it. The cool thing about the industry is all of the options. 

Today's guest didn’t have the typical career path. Her experience might be helpful to someone wondering what direction to take with a career in insurance.  

Episodes 31 and 34, were recorded at the regional conference for the International Association of Insurance Professionals and this is another conversation from that conference. Many of the participants spoke about their careers in the industry as well as the association itself and the benefits of being a member. This is a continuation of those conversations. 

Geraldine Plott who provides some great insight into the organization and ideas for you to consider for future personal growth. She also talks about her career path that might provide some of you listening ideas for areas to pursue. 

One of the things that Geraldine and many of the other attendees mentioned is that they had to be dragged to a meeting. They didn’t want to go. Yet once they got there, they never stopped going. So many of us are busy, we have a lot of choices and it’s often difficult to attend meetings, much less get involved. Depending on what you want out of your career, being part of an association in some capacity can be beneficial. 

Think about finding an organization to get involved with. Maybe it’s the International Association of Insurance Professionals, maybe it’s your state insurance association or maybe it’s a local organization that serves the community. There is so much value when you get involved. We just have to make the time to make it happen. 


Will we see you at Podcast Inc?

If you have a larger company, let’s say more than 50 employees, or maybe you have multiple locations or a sales staff that is always on the road, how are you communicating with everyone? 

As the company grows, it’s easy to loose the small business feel where everyone knows the owner of the company and gets to talk to them. When you have multiple locations or a remote staff, it’s easy for communication to feel out of reach.

This conference is about creating podcasts for internal communication. Getting the CEO, the HR department, the Marketing department and other department heads to talk to the rest of the employees through a podcast. 

Often times these conversations happen at annual meetings or quarterly roundtables, but when this happens, you have a limited amount of time and everyone is vying to get their message heard. It’s difficult to go too deep into a conversation because of time. 

Take your sales meeting and turn it into a podcast.

Take your Managers meeting and turn it into a podcast. 

Record the conversations, make them available to your staff and increase the communication in the organization.

At this conference, we are bringing together companies that want to create podcasts for internal communication and talking about best practices.  

We will have sessions on IT considerations for keeping this information inside the organization. We will have sessions on creating systems for HR  and marketing for curating content and guiding teams on delivering.

There are many podcast conferences being held across the country but this is the first that specializes in internal podcasting for business. 

WHEN:  May 1, 2020 

WHERE:  Washington, DC. 

If you have a larger company, let’s say more than 50 employees, how are you communicating with staff. As the company grows, it’s easy to loose the small business feel where everyone knows the owner of the company and gets to talk to them. 

This conference is about creating podcasts for internal communication. 

We are talking about creating a podcast that only your employees will hear…..not the outside world 

This is a conference where someone from HR, Marketing and specifically communications and IT need to attend.! 

If you have an agency with multiple locations, are part of an insurance company or a vendor in this space, we’d love to see you there if it makes sense for your company. 

Go to to get additional details. This isn’t just for the insurance industry, there will be other industries in attendance such as banks, non profits and government agencies. We will have limited seating, so if you think this will make sense for you, don’t wait too long to register. 


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