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Aug 26, 2019


Ep 34 - The core of this podcast is to talk about Insurance and what an amazing industry it is. From talking to company employees, association staff and those that are contributing to the industry. 

Our guests in this episode are both underwriters and members of IAIP. From their start as interns to their adventure into the agency side, they provide a unique perspective into many aspects of the insurance industry.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Internships and how they are a great introduction into the insurance company side of the business
  • Leadership programs offered by IAIP
  • Which side is your bread plate and which side is your water glass?
  • The value of being Voluntold (no, it's not a typo!)
  • Why you need a concise elevator pitch


International Association of Insurance Professionals 

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This episode of the Business of Insurance is produced and hosted by Debbie DeChambeau, CIC, AAI, CPIA. Debbie is an insurance agent with an extensive business and marketing background. Her focus is helping insurance professionals be more successful. She is the co-author of Renewable Referrals and hosts two other podcasts Business In Real Life and Divorce Exposed. Connect with Debbie on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.  Coming soon. Single and Over Sixty and Seniors We Love